Monday, July 19, 2010


Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO:: V2 Cream - Basic

Hair: Maitreya Piper II - Blonds Pack

Necklace: LaGyo_Gladiis necklace silver (colorchange)

Jacket: AOHARU_NoCollarLeatherJK_White

Tank: fri. - Layering.Tank - Striped V (Black)

Bangles: * ~ * Puddles * ~ * Carlysle Bangles - Black & Grey

Ring: P.C; Times Square Ring - Black and White Diamond

Jeans: Aoharu_Jeans_Frayed Skinny_Black

Heels: Maitreya Gold - Allure White

Monday, July 12, 2010

What Ze F*CK ?

I don't want to completely get into why I chose to name this post the name it is BUT I will dwell on it a little .. All I can do is give you guys some advice. Even though this is a game, people do develop friendships and get attached to said friendships just like in RL. Don't throw friendships with people you care about away for nothing. Yes, it may sound silly because I am speaking about avatars, but behind those avatars are people. I just think it's honestly dumb to throw away a "friendship" with someone because of petty drama that I would expect from a 9th grader. You wouldn't throw away a friendship with someone in RL because of petty drama would you ? Well unless your a 9th grader .. ANYWAYS I am just A TAD BIT PISSED OFF because people need to grow the hell up and act there age, or at least the age there telling us they are. Anyways, I'm gonna be honest, I don't feel like writing about this outfit BUT I DO LOVE IT. K so good morning/good night/good afternoon. Ciao for now ! <3 ( CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE )

Skin: [LeLutka]-London Light-Makeup 1

Hair: Maitreya Sasha - Blonds Pack

Jacket: [LeLutka]-ANTIOQUIA Jacket/Black

Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE U.F.O necklace knife

Shirt: -[LeLutka]-NOUVELLE Top/Electric Blueberry

Bag: * ~ * Puddles * ~ * - Buggy Wallet - Black

Jeans: -[Lelutka]-STELLA Jeans Clean/White

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Black)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

And It Was All Yellow

Ok soooo Aoharu released these new shirts the other day and I must say I'm really impressed ! I always have loved Aoharu's stuff but these shirts just kind of set something off inside of me and made me feel all tingly. The shirt comes in a few colors but I got it in white because I figured that white would be the easiest to pair with other colors so I can make more than one outfit with it and I just like white :) So in the ad for the shirt Machang paired the white shirt with a yellow stripped under shirt also from Aoharu and I REALLY LOVED THAT so I used that shirt and then expanded on the yellow theme ! I also bought the new jean from Aoharu and I couldn't decide which color to get so I bought the fatpack which I think it worth it in my case because I will definitely wear them everyday. So I added some cute flats from periquita, which I have used on this blog sooo many times before but I don't think I have ever blogged them in yellow. These flats are really unique because they aren't those plain ol' circular flats everyone makes, but they have a oddly shaped ( in a good way ) front of the flat and it's really cute ! The flats are 100% color changeable so you really get alot of bang for your L$ buck ! I used this Maitreya hair that I have blogged so many times BUT I can't help it because this hair is to hot not to blog. So anyways, I gotta get ready for a party I have to go to in RL tonight, enjoy. Ciao for now ! <3 ( CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE )

Skin: [LeLutka]-London Light-Makeup 1b

Hair: Maitreya Zoe - Blonds Pack

Under Shirt: AOHARU_MarineBorderLongTank_Yellow

Shirt: AOHARU_MarineBorderLongTank_Yellow

Jeans: AOHARU_Jeans_FrayedSkinny_DarkBlue

Flats: .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

G20, Look What You Have Done To Toronto.

So I am still under my own lock down in RL today .. The G20 summit is wrapping up here in Toronto but there are still wild protests and crazy things going on ! Some loonie toon decided to get a pick axe (you know the thing that's sharp on once side and dull on the other) an a bank's office tower window .. I figured that it wouldn't really have an effect because those towers window are shatter proof, but to my surprise the windows shattered and fell on the protesters below. THEN some idiots BLEW UP FIVE COP CARS ! I thought I lived in a nice place were there aren't violent protests, not a country in Asia. These people blew up cop cars, broke office tower windows, SHATTERED SEVERAL STARBUCKS WINDOWS ( yeah Starbucks, my favorite place on earth, now they got me pissed ) IT'S JUST CRAZY ! In Toronto we have a street that's referred to as "hospital row" and all these hospitals are on lock down because of bomb threats and all the protesters marching down the street.. The Eaton Centre ( a REALLY BIG MALL ) has been on lock down for days because these protesters are just crazy .. Anyways I refuse to go out because the traffic is TERRIBLE and there are constantly bomb threats and the police are using tear gas and rubber bullets .. So I'm going to stay in my big ol' house and make new items for my store in world ! <3 So anyways lets get to the outfit .. I just felt casual today and kept this outfit simple. I wore one of my new favorite hairs from Maitreya, it's really cute and I think you all should get it :) I wore one of the new tops from the LeLutka Summer 2010 Summer Collection. These top has sculpted wooden chip things that hang down from it and they are really cute, a little hard to find a matching brown, BUT CUTE. I wore MY FAVORITE JEANS from Maitreya ( yeah I bought the fatpack, but you guys knew that ) Some shoes from LeLutka and I think thats about it ! So I hope you guys enjoy this one AND ALL THE NEW RELEASES AT MY STORE PUDDLES ( located on Gannet Island ) Ciao for now ! <3 ( CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE )

Skin: [LeLutka]-London Light - makeup 3b

Hair: Maitreya Siri - Blonds Pack

Top: [LeLutka]-HARA top/snow (wear or rez)

Jeans: Maitreya Rolled Skinny Jeans - #02

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Soft Silver)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Items In Store !

Ok so we have released the first part of our Summer 2010 collection. The collection consists of many colorful bangles, earrings, necklaces & sunglasses ! We wanted to make this release a little more fun & funky so we added alot of colorful textures, poke a dots and alot of textures you haven't seen on Puddles products before. This collection is mainly focused on being bright and bold and to add small pops of color to any outfit. Since we don't make clothing (YET!) we wanted to make sure that our accessories make the cut and really complete an outfit. I hope you'll all come down to the Puddles store and check out the new releases ! Remember that the store is on Gannet Island and you can find the link in Brinks Lemmon's profile (ME!). I'll quit blabbing and let you check out all the new goodies I have for you :) Ciao for now ! <3

- - - Bangles (In order) - - -

Lyne Bangles: Comes in 7 colors and are 50L$ each

Fields Bangles: Comes in 9 colors and are 50L$ each

Bundle Bangles: Comes in 7 colors and are 75L$ each

Brentley Bangles: Comes in 7 colors and are 75L$ each

Carlysle Bangles: Comes in 7 colors and are 75L$ each

- - - Earrings (In Order) - - -

Lover Earrings: Comes in 3 colors and are 75L$ each

Loop Di Loop Earrings: Comes in 16 colors and are 75L$ each

- - - Necklaces (In Order) - - -

Pearlies Necklace: Comes in 16 colors and are 100L$ each

Pearl Strand P's Necklace: Comes in 7 colors and are 100L$ each

- - - Sunglasses (In Order) - - -

Diva Sunglasses: Comes in 16 colors and are 125L$ each

Nerdlinger Sunglasses: Comes in 16 colors and are 125L$ each

Prep Sunglasses: Comes in 16 colors and are 125L$ each

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earth Quake !

Ok so you guys all know I live in Toronto and generally we don't get earth quakes in Toronto ... I GUESS OUR GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WAS WRONG ! Today there was 5.5 magnitude earth quake in my beloved town .. When this was all happening I was at a store called Holt Renfrew ( similar to Neiman Marcus ) and I was looking at the new line of Rebecca Minkoff bags .. THEN these bags start falling off the shelf and I look around me to see if there is a large person knocking the shelf down and then BAM one hits me in the head .. NEVER GET HID IN THE HEAD BY A STUDDED BAG, it hurts. Anyways we realised there was an earthquake and the store was evacuated and we were standing in the middle of Bloor Street, one of the busiest in Toronto. ALSO if you didn't know the G20 Summit is happening in Toronto starting Tomorrow .. The G20 summit is when the worlds top twenty countries leaders get together for a good ol' fashioned meeting. The city of Toronto spent 1,000,000,000 YES 1 BILLION DOLLARS muwahahahah ( sorry I had a Doctor Evil Moment ) on security. There are all these weapons in place to prevent anything from happening to these world leaders. Anyways the reason I brought this up is because there have been bomb threats all week and today there was a bomb threat outside of Toronto General hospital, then the earth quake happened .. Everyone thought it was a bomb and the entire core of this area was evacuated. I'm not going to lie to you, I wasn't the calmest person. You don't know whats going on and you hear that there has been a bombing, your mind jumps to places and you get scared and maybe shed a tear or two, but I'm not naming names. So yeah today has been pretty hectic and then on top of that we have tornado warnings .. I guess these world leaders are going to be welcomed with torrential rains and shaking grounds, but o well they have experienced that when they've "toured" iraq and the other zones were we have UN-NECESSARY WARS GOING ON .. ! Ok so that was my rant of the day :) The outfit is pretty hot if I do say so myself, thanks. I love this skirt from Maitreya because it's big and poofy just like the women's hair in Toronto during this heat, but not mine because I try to stay in a store or a mall or something so my hair doesn't get ruined. I used this really cute hair from Maitreya with a Beanie hat, WHICH I ADORE ! It changed colors and everything and for 295L$ it's a really great deal. The bra is a bikini top from Artilleri and the glasses are from Epoque. The leggings are from Dollita, check out the store IT'S SUPER CUTE. The ring is from Paper Couture and the shoes are the latest foot wear release from LeLutka :) Hope y'all enjoyed this outfit and my story telling :) ! Ciao for now ! <3

Skin: [LeLutka]-London Light - makeup 3b

Hair: Maitreya Sasha - Blonds Pack

Sunglasses: (epoque) Timeless Shades - Neutral Colors

Bra: Artilleri Bikini - Black

Skirt: Maitreya Balloon Skirt - Champagne

Ring: P.C; Water Over Wine Ring

Leggings: Dollita - Leggings Black

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Black)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Puddles 25L$ - 50L$ Summer Sale !

OMG I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING " Brinks, were in the sweet F*CK have you been ? " Well .. I have been SUPER BUSY ! You know when your life becomes so hectic to a point that you forget about all things that aren't " important " well that happened to me .. NOW I'm not saying you guys aren't important, I just had ALOT MORE " important " things that had to be taken care of in my RL ... BUT BUT BUT I AM BACK :) Yes yes I know you missed me and my daily blogs ( wink wink ) but no need to fear, I am here ! OK SO LETS GET INTO THIS POST SHALL WE ! I'm not going to put any pictures up or anything because I don't think it will do the products at Puddles ( AND THE BRAND NEW STORE ) any justice. Anyways I think I am a little crazy because I decided that the store should have a summer sale. So EVERYTHING at the store is marked down to 25L$ - 50L$. Yes the belts, bags, scarves, bangles, EVERYTHING ! All on sale so you guys can kick your summer off with a nice shopping trip to Puddles and leave with a unharmed wallet. You guys should definitely come check it out though, this is our largest store yet ! The sale starts today ( Sunday, June 20th, 2010 ) and ends Sunday, June 27th, 2010. I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE !!! Ciao For Now! <3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Taste Of Success

Ok so I am going to keep this post real short because I am about to run out the door cause I have a hair appointment and I'm going to be late!!! Basically the title describes how I feel wearing this dress from the Le.Ultra line because it is so sophisticated and fun at the same time.. So since the dress has some real nice purple accents on it I decided to pair it with some purple leather SoHo boots from Maitreya that we all love and have a pair of! Then I used a hair that from that I found in my inventory and a ring from Paper Couture ( which I absolutely adore ) .. When you buy this ring ( which can only be bought on Xstreet ) you get two rings. You get a ring with dark blue gems ( it looks black ) and a ring with white gems and each ring comes with a " bling " option straight out of 2007. Hope you guys enjoy this outfit! Ciao for now! <3 ( CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE )

Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonLight-makeup-3

Hair: fri. - Leigh - Blonds

Dress: [LeL.Ultra]-DECADENCE/black

Ring: P.C; Times Square Ring - Black and White Diamond ( available only on Xstreet )

Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots Leather 'Spirit'

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't You Just Love Sales & New Releases!

Ok so my title is really describing my happiness right now :) The entire AOHARU store is 50% off! YES 50$ OFF!!!!! Yes, you weren't the only one who almost fainted when you saw those beautiful letters on your screen.. So I went to the AOHARU store and well lets just say I had so many bags I couldn't fit through the door way. I got alot of stuff and I am so happy with the quality of the product ( all of my dedicated readers know I am a AOHARU whore ) and the price! I don't mind paying the AOHARU prices because they really aren't that bad at all and then Machang put everything in the store 50% off just made all the clothes much more appealing to me. So after that I headed over to the AKEYO store because they released a new pair of knit boots that I must say are VERY VERY WELL MADE! The sculpts on these boots probably took hours to make! The quality is amazing and I have yet to find any gaps or seems in the boots, you can definitely tell that Artoo put alot of effort into these boots. The boots also come with a HUD that you can change the size, colour, etc.. This is probably the easiest ( and most esthetically pleasing ) HUD I have ever used/seen. The HUD has a great picture of the boots and you can pick each section of the boot that you'd like to recolor... For the recoloring part of the HUD it's absolutely AWESOME! I have never seen a HUD were you can actually pick the colour you'd like to put on the boot then adjust the lightness/darkness of it. I can't even describe the HUD for you guys your just going to have to go buy the boots! For the rest of the outfit I used a V-Neck from Armidi, fur jacket from AOHARU & a pair of jeans from AOHARU. To finish the outfit off I added a necklace from Zaara that I bought SO LONG AGO and I have been meaning to show you guys literally forever... So yeah thats about it! Hope you guys enjoy the outfit! Ciao for now! <3 ( CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE )

Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonLight-makeup-2

Hair: fri. - Allison - Blonds

Necklace: Zaara : Balini Necklace *onyx*

T-Shirt: Armidi Limited - Basic Deep V-Neck (Unisex) [Black]

Jacket: AOHARU_BT_FurCoat_G2_BlackFur

Jeans: AOHARU_BT_LaceCrashDenim_Black ( Belt Included )

Boots: AKEYO KnittBoots (v1.0)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Back!

K so in my last post I was letting you all know about my stores grand re-opening and my stores blogger challenge and that I am back from my break! Well my store ( Puddles ) had it's grand re-opening tonight and it was mighty successful! I had alot of people stop by and they all loved my brand new store which is so fabulous ( thanks to Alexand Vantelli for all his help! ) The store is alot larger than my previous store and it's much more modern and realistic looking. I also released alot of new products like bags, bangles, scarves, belts, etc... They went over really well! Everyone loved all my new stuff and I was so excited that people actually like my creation! I was ecstatic! If you want to check out my store it's on the Gannet Island sim or you can get the LM through my profile in my picks or my classifieds! Anyways this post wasn't ment to be about my store it's about the outfit! So this outfit is what I wore to to my stores grand re-opening! My friend Justice Topaz ( ) that's the link to her amazing blog, bought me this dress for christmas! The dress is so cute and I instantly fell in love with it.. The sculpty work is amazing and the colours flow really well. Gabby did a really great job on this dress! I wanted to make the outfit a little more elegant so I paired some HOT ASS DIAMONDS with the outfit.. Now these diamonds aren't any ordinary diamonds they are diamonds from CCD ( Caithlin Carter Designs ) Ladies this store is the bloody Tiffanys & CO. of SL! Her selection of jewellery is absolutely astonishing! Like I was blown away at the Armidi Jewellery ( WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT ) then I went to CCD and I saw all Caithlins jewellery and I was truely shocked! Her sculpts & textures are so realistic I have to STRONGLY RECOMMEND that if any of you reading this are looking for high end looking jewellery that you check out CCD> She also does alot of less high end looking jewellery and very well made sculpted nails. To finish the outfit off I used some hair from Maitreya and some of those heels from LeLutka that I know all the girls out there can't get enough of! Sorry for the long break I took but I'm back and I'll be back on my regular blog post schedule! Hope you guys enjoyed the outfit :) Ciao for now! <3 ( CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE )

Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonLight-makeup-4

Hair: Maitreya Zoe - Blonds Pack

Jewellery: CCD - Halley - Silver ( Caithlin Carter Designs )

Dress: Endless Cycle Dress (BLACK) ( Narwhal )

Heels: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps ( Electric Red )

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